Educate Your Kids Brain With These Intelligence Games

Age infants less than one year is very adorable. Moreover many unique behavior that we do not know what he meant. And the babies typically have a great curiosity to something or objects in front of him.

play-fun-and-learn-about-anything-for-kidsPlaying becomes the most favored by toddlers, by doing exciting games, indirectly can train the intelligence of the child’s brain. Your little baby will get to know something through games played. So, take your baby to play while honing mathematical intelligence early on.

You can also teach about the games that can boost the intelligence of your baby to be smarter but still engrossing. Here are the types of games that can increase the intelligence of the brain and children against mathematics as we quoted from

1. Teach about the size
Bring your baby to know different types of object size, ranging from small, medium, and large. Teach while playing, try to introduce objects that have that size. This will give the children knowledge about a variety of sizes, both objects with large or small, and things long or short.
2. Mix and match
You can also teach about the blend, such as looking for beams of the same color to be collected into one. Or search for objects / blocks that have the same size whether big or small to be split.
3. Clap hands
Invite your baby to clap while singing also can increase the intelligence of the child’s brain, other than that your toddler will be cheerful and happy with you.
4. Learning to calculate
Teach your baby to count from the easiest thing. Try to get your baby count the steps to get to the stairs, or invite calculate large beam that successfully separated from the small beam.

Make your baby happy when playing while learning to know something. Navigate and teach games that can stimulate your child’s intelligence to become smart child.  But one important thing parents need to consider in the development of children, do not ever teach our children to cheat or use underhand tricks in winning a game. As we know in the outcome widely spread variety of tools can always cheat to win easily. But trust me,  it will not benefit the development of the thinking of our children.